Tempe through Time

Tempe has a rich history and culture all its own. It was settled long ago by natives who built canals to support their agriculture and then followed by early American explorers who expanded the irrigation and canals. In the eighteenth century Tempe became an epicenter of military and agricultural activity. By the late nineteenth century it had become a more established territory with railroad developments that linked it to the rest of the nation’s growing transportation system. Colleges then began to spring up to meet the demand of its growing populace.

Today, Tempe maintains its tradition of commerce and education, with the headquarters of two Fortune 500 companies and home to the largest campus of Arizona State University. Tempe flourishes as both a smaller community of Phoenix and a city of its own. Its agricultural roots are evident in its remarkable parks and outdoor recreation center, and the city’s architecture gives a historic Southwestern flair to the city center and many Tempe homes even today.

Life in Tempe AZ

Owning a piece of Tempe real estate places you in one of Arizona’s central hubs surrounded by the picturesque landscape that marks this part of Arizona. As the seventh largest city in Arizona, Tempe boasts a diverse economic base, giving its residents peace of mind on the job front. The city is home to a number of large corporations as well as smaller, locally-owned businesses, providing an ideal economic base for residents, students, and the tourist industry.

One of the biggest boons to the local economy is Arizona State University, the third largest university in the country, where over 50,000 students from 120 countries around the world interact with one another. The Arizona State University Sun Devils compete nationally in football, basketball and baseball and the Sun Devil Stadium has been home to Super Bowl games, Fiesta Bowl games and even the LA Angels training camp.

While Tempe borders cities like Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Chandler with their own unique destinations, Tempe itself possesses many of its own cultural activities and intellectual pursuits for residents and visitors alike. Tempe’s own urban flair makes living an active, vibrant lifestyle quite easy to accomplish. Multiple performance venues feature shows, speakers, and events throughout the year, enjoy up-scale shopping, farmers markets and boutiques, and wander Mill Avenue with its scenic walkways and open air cafes set against a backdrop of newer high-rise developments. Popular Tempe home destinations downtown are the many Tempe condos for sale.

Tempe residents are actively involved in sports of all kinds, including some of the top-ranked golf courses in the world, scenic hiking up Tempe Butte, and biking trails that wind through rugged hills. The Salt River, Tempe Town Lake and the various parks located throughout the city add a touch of greenery to the landscape as well as many enjoyable outdoor activities such as renting a boat, fishing and attending concerts.

Tempe Real Estate

Buying new homes in Tempe are excellent investments and the options with Tempe properties are as diverse as the people: from spacious estates with views of the surrounding Southwest scenery to smaller family-friendly communities that offer a warm, welcoming environment. The setting is relaxed enough to have a slice of small-town living while also offering many great downtown activities. Tempe homes for sale are quite popular among professionals, young families, and retirees.

Whether you desire a new Tempe home built to suit, or a historic home rich in its landscaping in a neighborhood focused on beautification projects, there is something here to suit any lifestyle. Pinnacle Real Estate and Investments has been working in the area for many years and is the only real estate agency poised to match you with the Tempe home of your dreams quickly in this scenic Southwestern haven.

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